on this Page you can see the real side of me

like a diary of me or something like that ;)

but i don´t update this site every day!



hmm,... I pack my stuff together because tomorrow I´ll go to lindenberg !

there I´ll sing in a choir, and yeahh I love to sing! okay I must say I`m not really like the songs that we sing in the choir, but I love to sing! ;)

oh and look at the top of this entry! That´s looks really difficult, but I and my ASS (LINDA) tried it to make it to! it makes really a lot of fun! try it too! :)

23.01. 2011

hmm I´m soo bored, and in fact I must make my stupid homework,

oh yes: my friend TRANG (asian soul sis --> ASS) was yesterday here to see my new home,

i moved to another flat , because the other flat is too small for me my brother and my parents!

and yes i´m not an korean I´m an vietnamese, but I´m a korean FREAK!!!!!!

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